Multilingual Project Management - Get your contents localized into your preferred languages with the minimum effort on your side. You will only pay for what you get, with no intermediaries.

Localization engineering - Adapt the target files to the new language length, culture and technical requirements using internationalization procedures and state-of-the-art technology.

Testing and QA - Make sure your products are ready to be shipped, both linguistically and functionally.

Help and Documentation - Translate any document or help system accompanying your software in order to allow your new users to get up to date faster.

Consulting - If you have no previous experience in localization, arrange a meeting to find out what are your specifics needs, so we can determine what resources or services you need to acquire, get in-house or outsource.

If you are not sure about what services you need really, do not hesitate to contact me.

If you need to translate your contents or products from English into Spanish or Catalan, get the experience from a translator who has been involved in the localization industry for over 8 years. My linguistic services include:




Terminology Management

Get value for money
I am aware of the important role that time, money and quality play at the time of choosing a translation vendor.
That's why I provide my customers with everything you could expect from a major vendor: on time or anticipated deliveries, cost reductions and the premium quality and care you deserve.

Don't settle for less.
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