Jose Palomares, Independent Localisation Specialist

I was born in Barcelona, Spain, and I had always been interested in technology and sciences on one hand, and in language and literature on the other. So, for me it was an easy choice to engage a degree in Translation and to specialize in technical translation. Some time later, I would discover what "localization" was and, from that moment, I have always known where my place is.

I have been involved in the localization industry since year 2000, when my first localization project was carried out. Since then, I have translated, edited and managed millions of words, always trying to bring maximum satisfaction to customers and partners alike.

Continuous training and improvement are paramount to be up to date about what tools are the most convenient, what procedures fit better the customer's requirements and what does the customer need to improve her results. Courses, seminars, conferences... anything that contributes to build expertise and customer care is worth a try in order to assure that you obtain just what you expect from a professional.

Being less poetic, I will say that I consider myself an easygoing and hard-working person, ready for both individual and team work. I enjoy overtaking challenges, I have a very high sense of responsibility (and humour) and I am well aware about my own limitations, while I also think that striving for perfection is a good way to achieve quality. Because quality matters.

To obtain a copy of my CV or request any further information about me, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jose Palomares

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